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We visited an Old Country Buffet in Wyoming, Michigan this week and were very unhappy with the whole experience. The description of the variety of food available was far from true.

The last time we visited this same location, we had wonderful food. There was corn chowder soup, turkey breast, just to name a few. We were there at 4:00 in the afternoon, which was supposed to be dinner time on a Thursday night and the rib lets that were supposed to be offered every night were out before we even got there. The food on the warming tables was all dried out and very unappealing to even look at, let alone wanting to eat them.

There was also empty bowls in the salad department,such as fruit ( one slice of orange in the bowl and they did fill the pineapple while we were there.) there were full size apples in one of the bins, what? For a fruit choice? All of the desserts were dried out and crusty on top such as their cheesecake dessert. There were no bowls or ice cream cones for their ice cream machine.

And the last time we were there it didn't even work. Restrooms were filthy,toilet bowls not cleaned, paper on the floor, need I say more. We will never frequent this location ever again. And I think this is the only location in Grand Rapids, which probably won't be there for long.

And to charge $11.95 plus drink prices is unreasonable for the choices we were given. Very poor I might add all the way around. The only thing I saw the staff doing was clearing dishes from the tables, not checking the food for refilling. When I asked about the ribs, they said we are out of ribs.

On a Thursday night early supper come on, very poor ordering on the stores part. It was even family night and the only things they had for the family or Children was corn dogs, Mac and cheese and pizza. Oh, and they replaced the ribs with fish sticks or filets, I couldn't tell the difference. My rating for your location was very poor to horrible.

What do you do on the weekends when people really want to come out for a nice variety dinner?

Other states we have been to were exceptionally well stocked and good food but not Wyoming, Michigan on 28th street. Enough said

Carol Hogendyk

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Food and food choices, Food, Dirty place, Enough food for all customers.

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Being out of ribs when you were there was more than like caused by a rush on them at lunch time, instead of as you stated poor ordering on the stores part. You stated you were there at four in the afternoon which was supposed to be dinner time on a Thursday.

Since when is dinner time at four in the afternoon. Corn Chowder Soup and Turkey Breast aren't a few, that is a couple. Furthermore, you say the riblets are supposed to be there every night, well honey, four in the afternoon isn't night. Don't you consider apples to be a fruit?

Last I heard they are.

The food choices you mentioned for kids, sound like it included everything that kids like. It sounds like you might be the kid.

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