Went to old country buffet sun.at 10:30am , store no.

0237 in Horseheads NY. No diner plates(a few weeks ago they were closed for a few days because dish washer was broken). Maybe it broke again. 10 minutes later dishes showed up.

No bacon,,sausage,ham, kobasa or eggs, they had only chicken for breakfast meat . The orange juice was gone as usual by that time of day. We waited for diner to start at 11 am .By 12:00 only meat available was turkey the size of a Cornish hen (no ham, beef, or steak) and chicken from breakfast.The icee machine had only 2 of the 3 sections working in it( this has been this way for several weeks).There was 2 ice cream machines but one was removed weeks ago and how the second one quit and was removed.The hot desert bar(cobblers,and bread pudding ) and gravy for the mashed potatoes was not there by 12:00. Management was hiding somewhere.

People around town said it went down hill and they were right.I do not know how much worse it could get. O yes two buses showed up a little after 12 and no more meat.Send this letter to corporate and let them judge for them selves.

Maybe they are trying to put this store out of business.They have a good start at it


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